Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Two Days of Turri
47 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Saturday, April 10, 2010  00:00
Event Duration: Two Days - Sat/Sun
Location: Turri Road, San Luis Obispo, California (Central Coast)
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Divisions: Open (Pro/Am)
Classes: GS
Organizer: Jonny Miller-Toyland / Richy Carrasco - Sk8Kings
Entry Fee: $125
Contest Info:
Two Days of Turri Skateboard Racing April 10-11 2010 Central Coast California
Toyland and Sk8Kings are pleased to present Two Days of Turri. Come join us for an unreal weekend of all things skateboarding -- two days of fast and gnarly racing at the epic Turri Road venue -- topped off with the fun and mayhem of the Toyland Ranch Skatepark experience.

The racing events at Two Days of Turri will be officially recognized in accordance with ISSA World Ranking (slalom) and IGSA Regional (downhill) standards. The Turri Road venue has a crest that allows racing events to take place in both directions -- each side is a screamer!

SATURDAY, APRIL 10 - Sign in on hill 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. - Warm-up begins by 9:00 a.m.

Super G (Single lane timed)

IGSA Regional Downhill

Downhill Qualifying (Single time run)

4 Man Downhill (32 or 64 man bracket)

ISSA Slalom -- Single lane Super G (site of the Worlds 2004 & Nationals 2008 – speeds of 45mph were clocked). Thunderdome ramp start, 3-4 timed runs for each racer. Racers can expect courses/runs to be approx. one minute in length – some of the longest, fastest GS racing ever. IGSA Regional Downhill -- sanctioned 4-man downhill.

SUNDAY, APRIL 11 -- Sign in on hill 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. - Warm-up begins by 9:00 a.m.

Giant Slalom - Into the Hairpin of Death (Single lane timed)

Hairpin of Death - Top Speed Challenge (Speed Trap)

"BOB SLED" Race (3 Man Teams)

ISSA Slalom -- Single lane GS using the opposite side of the road from day one – featuring a 30mph-plus hairpin turn with a few more gates after that! Thunderdome ramp start, 3-4 timed runs for each racer. IGSA Regional Downhill continues with the Top Speed Challenge, followed by the bonus event. Bonus Event: Bob Sled Race - Jonny Miller and John Oshei have developed the "BOB SLED".... 3 man teams, you will be thrust into the hill with the Banshee Bungee, you must not let go of your team mates till the end of the race..... fastest time wins...

Event Web Page: Two Days of Turri Website

Entry fee
-- $125 covers entry to all four events (downhill and slalom). Advance Payment Deadline for Paypal is: Thursday, April 8. After that -- cash payment on the hill is $150. Cash payments of $125.00 on Friday April 9 at Toyland must be arranged in advance by contacting Jonny Miller at outlawranchproductions@yahoo.com. Paypal your entry fee to paypal id: ccmfjay@yahoo.com Paypal and cash only -- checks payments can no longer be processed in time.

Some Rules and Other Official Info

Helmets required for all racers to participate in any of the events. For Downhill and Bob Sled Events: Full-face helmet, slider gloves and leather jacket is required to participate. We will have loaner gear for those who need it but please bring your own safety gear if at all possible.

ISSA Slalom and IGSA Downhill will adhere to posted rules of each sanctioning organization. ISSA Ranking - Prime Status application in process

All Racers must sign a waiver/release prior to racing. Minors under the age of 18 must have a parent/ legal guardian present in order to participate.

Event Sponsorship

Big shout out to Oust, Inc. for stepping up as the first Main Sponsor for the Two Days of Turri event! Carl at Oust has also issued a pledge to pay a $250 bonus cash prize to any racer who wins one of the main racing events -- provided that racer is riding both Oust Bearings and Oust Mood Wheels on the victory board. We will have Oust Moc Series Bearings and Oust Mood Wheels available for purchase for any racers who needs to get their race rig dialed in for the challenge! See Maria Carrasco at the race venue for Oust Products.

Main Sponsors are:

Toyland/Outlaw Ranch Productions

Sk8Kings Skateboards

Oust Bearings & Wheels

Powerhouse Roadboards

Sporting Sails

Major Sponsors are:

Surf-Rodz / SZ Trucks

Tactis Board Shop

Hot Chilly's

Red Nectar Ale


Gravity Skateboards

Powell Peralta

Madrid Skateboards/Cadillac Wheels

Kanoa Flyaways

Dregs Skateboards

Banshee Bungees


RipTide Sports

Grizzly Youth Academy

Khiro Skateboard Products

Folliage Printing

Pina Graphics

Revenge Trucks


British Sports Cars

IGSA (International Gravity Skateboarding Assoc)

ISSA (International Skateboard Slalom Assoc)

Supporting Sponsors: Rootamental, Loaded/Orangatang, Nautical Bean, One Way Boardshop, Coalition Skate Shop, Central Coast Surfboards,

Skate Warehouse, Bulldog Skates, Radikal Trucks, Pocket Pistols Skates, Silverfishlongboarding.com, NCDSA.com, No Future Skateboarding, Farm Supply, US Rentals, Jungleland, SLO Town, Skateboarder's Journal, Concrete Wave Magazine

Huge Thanks to all the sponsors and skaters who will be helping to put this event on.

The legendary Toyland Ranch and skatepark will be the racer HQ and party location with live bands, bbq and more after racing events. Check in at Toyland begins on Friday evening.

Those wishing to camp should contact Jonny Miller for details - email: outlawranchproductions@yahoo.com

Camping and motel info: All paid racers are invited to camp at Toyland free of charge -- BYO food, drinks and supplies as needed.

Motels in the area that are pretty reasonable and close to the venue:

Motel 6 San Luis Obispo South #1373

1625 Calle Joaquin

US 101/SR 1 at Los Osos Valley Road

San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401

Phone: (805) 541-6992 Fax: (805) 547-1152

Motel website


345 Marsh Street

Higuera & Archer St

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 US

Phone: 800-458-8848

Motel website

Check out a few pics from past racing events at Turri Road ---

Toyland was the venue for MTV's Most Badass Party on The Buried Life - check it out!

1st Place Finisher:
2nd Place Finisher:
3rd Place Finisher:
Overall Results: We are working on pics and stories of the weekend at Turri but for now -- here's an event wrap up with full results courtesy of Official Timekeeper and IGSA Prez Marcus Rietema (Thanks Marcus!!):

Two Days of Turri - IGSA Event Report

Thanks to all the sponsors and all the racers -- for supporting the event and helping to make it one for the history books!

It was Gnar! Stay tuned - pics & more to come.

Registered Contestants (47) -- Two Days of Turri
Name Home City Division Classes Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. Richy Carrasco Santa Ana , Cali  Pro  GS  SK8KINGS, Khiro, Oust, Retro, Seismic, S-One, Maria  Flying Carrasco Bros ....Oi!   Axe Army is the Greatest Basketball Team in the World!   2/8/2010 3:36:24 PM 
2. Lynn Kramer San Diego CA  Pro  GS, DH  Sk8kings, Khiro, Oust, Timeship Racing  Oi Oi Oi!    2/8/2010 8:09:51 PM 
3. Brad"Jackhammer" Jackman Sumner,Wa.  Pro  GS  SK8KINGS,AXE ARMY,TURN Ind.,FlEXMETERS  Oi Oi Vay.....  From the 3 piont line,He shoots,..He scores,nothin but net!!!  2/9/2010 5:30:27 PM 
4. tim kienitz LA CA  Open  GS, DH  The Garage Company  I ride the AXE Uni board with Gang of Check    2/10/2010 2:29:42 PM 
5. Jonny Miller slo town USA  Pro  GS, DH  Khiro ,Banshee bungee,BullDog skates,Dead Dog,Flyaway helmets,Indy always........TOYLAND ,,,,,,  Double dare you bitches to come race the Turri rd G.S. and DOWNHILL.... 2 days ... 4 races............  it's on........  2/11/2010 10:36:23 AM 
7. Jay LaPalm SLO Town, by way of Arroyo Grande, CA  Open  GS, DH  ToyLand!!!!!!! CCMF Baby!  CCMF Flyin-J a new Master! (that's 50 dude!)  Can't wait to race with the Kings again... and give Maria a big ol' hug. Lets get Rene up here!  2/12/2010 6:54:59 PM 
8. Josh Harvey San Jose, CA  Junior   GS, DH  George Pappas  Just getting back in the game  Can't wait  2/12/2010 8:19:05 PM 
9. Chris Yandall San Diego CA  Masters  GS, DH  SK8 Kings, Bennets, Tailtap, Tracker, Bennett, Khiro, Seismics, Chaput  www.chrisyandall.com  practicing everyday!   2/13/2010 9:49:32 PM 
10. Nevada Inocencio Marysville, CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  ...my empty pockets.  1st time competing EVER. Yeeeaaahhh!!!  THE STOKE IS UNBELIEVABLE.

Thank you Dan "Big Daddy" Henderson. You're the man Dan. 
2/14/2010 1:19:00 PM 
11. John Stryker Fairwood, WA  Masters  GS  Sk8kings, AXE ARMY, Flexmeters Wristgaurds  Turi Road has PBF Factor of 8!  Thanks Jonny, Richy, Maria  2/17/2010 5:00:08 PM 
12. Marcus Rietema Petaluma, California  Open (Pro/Am)  GS  Sk8 Kings  Axe Army!!!  Thanks Jonny, Richy & Maria!!!  2/19/2010 11:10:08 AM 
13. justin collins vacaville, ca  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  sk8kings, radikal, seismic, funhouse skateboards, oust, venom bushings  get 'er done bitchessss!!  who's your daddy?!!  2/20/2010 9:52:01 PM 
14. Michael Kaelon the SGV, CA  Masters  GS  Warbird, Axe Army, Dr Pepper  Turri drew first blood, I'm back for revenge...  Going fast is fun, going faster is better...  2/21/2010 9:54:57 PM 
15. Andrew Mercado Califuckinfornia  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH        2/22/2010 9:21:24 AM 
16. HELL FADELL DETROIT  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH        2/22/2010 2:14:00 PM 
17. Brian Peck Hartford CT / Los Angeles CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  Rayne Longboards, Venom Bushings, Timeship Racing      2/22/2010 7:33:53 PM 
18. Kelly Lewis Los Osos, CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH    Local off the couch skate dad.  If I don't race, you might end up in last place.  2/23/2010 9:20:21 AM 
19. Olson Oslon melrose place...  Masters  DH  luckey beer. spam, and wonder bread...  shut up...  shut up again....  2/24/2010 11:32:08 AM 
20. BILLY WAHL O.C.  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  SKATERBUILT MAFIA  And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln
Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today. James Dean
2/24/2010 1:15:40 PM 
21. Nick Ronzani Sacramento/Rocklin, CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  Midtown Sk8s, Poonami Trucks, Tactis Skate Shop  haha so stoked to do some racing again!!! I'm ready to boogie with turri baby!! Cat, you coming? I miss you alot!  I suck at skating toyland  2/25/2010 10:18:40 AM 
22. Keith Henderson Granite Bay Ca.  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  Team Tactis, Khiro Hardcore, Poonami Trucks  Just another day shredding Turri, my goal today is to smoke Hell Fadell... I want his jacket! Thunder dome seems a lot smaller than it did at nationals? Miller rocks! This ones for you Khiro Bob!   Team Tactis FTW bobsledd challenge... High speed homos! Bump this draft Beatches...  2/26/2010 10:58:39 AM 
23. Malachi Greene Loomis, CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  MY MA      2/26/2010 9:19:43 PM 
24. hayden conroy loomis ca  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  tactis and my mommy      2/26/2010 9:27:57 PM 
25. Ricky Garland Sacramento California  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  Tactis Racing      3/3/2010 10:41:59 AM 
26. John O Malibu  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH        3/5/2010 8:54:15 AM 
27. Tim Oates Slotown  Open (Pro/Am)  GS  Slotown Trademark Company  39 and not budging  This event is not to be missed. See you at Toykand  3/6/2010 6:44:01 PM 
28. Brad Reinke Granite Bay CA.  Open (Pro/Am)  DH        3/7/2010 8:38:21 PM 
29. Steve Collins LA CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  Buddy    thanks  3/10/2010 2:18:07 AM 
30. Chris Orozco Sactown Baby  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  J.Miller, Tactis Racing    Thank you Jonny,Richie,Maria! It's like Christmas for the misfit toys!!
3/10/2010 11:42:59 AM 
31. Billy Smith Ventura, CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS  SPORTING-SAILS, Patagonia, FCD Surfboards  Skate & Deploy!  Thanks to Jonny Miller for the heads up! Looking forward to good times ahead!  3/11/2010 3:42:02 PM 
32. Nick Smith Los Angeles, CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS  SPORTING-SAILS, Patagonia, FCD Surfboards  Skate & Deploy!  Thanks!  3/11/2010 3:44:16 PM 
33. Ryan Dafoe Ventura, CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS  SPORTING-SAILS  Skate & Deploy!  Thanks!  3/11/2010 3:46:02 PM 
34. Russ Dafoe Santa Barbara, CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS  SPORTING-SAILS  Skate & Deploy!  Thanks!  3/11/2010 3:47:36 PM 
35. Eric Tokle Petaluma, CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  Folliage Printing and Apparel, Axe Army!   just a derelict on 4 wheels wishing to party like an MTV star.  What no tight? DH instead? Ahhh the gods were listening! Thanks CCMF, IGSA, n SK8KINGS for doing it right. Viva Turri!   3/14/2010 9:15:07 AM 
36. Cliff Coleman Kensington, Ca  Masters  GS, DH  Right?  This race marks the sixth consecutive decade that I have raced Skateboards.  I'm not going to let Jamie beat me!  3/15/2010 7:08:35 PM 
37. David Quezada Rocklin, Ca  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  Insane Asylum  What?  Yee!  3/16/2010 8:58:19 PM 
38. Brian Holden Huntington Beach, CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  Abec 11, FYRE Trucks, Biltin Bearings  First Race in California! Stoked to check out the California scene!  Stoked!  3/17/2010 6:25:20 PM 
39. Jamie Hart Sacramento, Ca.  Masters  GS, DH        3/17/2010 8:57:03 PM 
40. Michael Franco palm desert, california  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  Powerhouse Roadboards, Kings Ride Shop  Vetran Downhill skateboarder and all around looney bastard.  I hope I dont get my ass kicked. I'll take salt with my serving of asphalt  3/18/2010 12:42:49 PM 
41. Matt Roberts palm desert, California  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  Powerhouse Roadboards, Kings Ride Shop  First downhill event, lookin to kick your ass  If i don't kick your ass that means I crashed back on turn one  3/18/2010 12:48:29 PM 
42. adrian pina AG CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH        3/18/2010 5:22:33 PM 
43. Bruce 'Norski' Bjortvedt Nor~Cal  Masters  GS  ISM      3/31/2010 11:35:06 AM 
44. Pat Brickner Oceanside CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS  Sk8Kings, P.B.R Beer, Arlene  Pat (The Brick) Brickner Oceanside CA, Axe Army  Stoked!!!! Cant wait to see the worlds best basketball team kick some arse on the court... Go Axe Army!!!!!  4/2/2010 8:16:30 PM 
45. mike maysey Carlsbad, CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  Skaterbuilt      4/3/2010 4:46:33 PM 
46. Trevor Watkins San Diego, CA  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH  HONEY SKATEBOARDS  RIDING A HONEY VELOCITY
  4/8/2010 1:22:23 PM 
47. key dougherty oceanside ca  Open (Pro/Am)  GS, DH    first race    4/9/2010 6:11:47 AM 

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