Jason Mitchell, Seismic Nationals 2007, Hybrid Slalom.  Photo by Greg Fadell Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
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Downhillbillies 2009 Dixie Cup
43 Registered Contestants.
Event Date and Time: Friday, November 06, 2009  12:00
Event Duration: 3 Days
Location: Statesville, NC
Entry: Open
Helmets: Mandatory
Divisions: Pro
Classes: TBA
Organizer: Downhillbillies
Entry Fee: $90.00
Contest Info:

Status: ISSA Sanctioned Main
Fees: $75 for adult riders, Juniors race for free ((PayPal link below))
IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration will go up to $90 at 12:01 AM, October 1st

Friday, November 6
Night race at the world famous Camperworld up the hill from Best Western, as always.
Race will start at 8:30 PM until______. Format TBA
This year may be something new so come prepared!!

Saturday, November 7
"Pumpcone Fest" as Part of Statesville's Annual Pumpkin Festival
Dual Lane Tight/Hybrid Elimination with Pro, A, B, & C Classes
Court Street in Downtown Statesville, NC
Be on the hill by 8:00 AM

Sunday, November 8
Single Lane G/S & DHB Downhill
Gordon Street, Downtown Statesville 10:00 AM
PRO - Big Ramp only
A Big Ramp only
B Little Ramp

Downhill race time/format TBA

More info to come or call someone you know!


Get your name on the list and come back to this page for PayPal.
1st Place Finisher: Joe McLaren
2nd Place Finisher: Evan St. Clair
3rd Place Finisher: Richy Carrasco
Overall Results: Dual Tight/Hybrid Slalom

Pro Class
1 Joe McLaren
2 Evan St. Clair
3 Richy Carrasco

Open Class A
1 John Stryker
2 Steve Pederson
3 Rick Floyd

Open Class B
1 Bert Lumpkin
2 Rookie Rudisill
3 Neil Orta

Pro Class Giant Slalom
1 Joe McLaren
2 Kevin Delaney
3 Evan St. Clair

Open Class A Giant Slalom
1 Steve Pederson
2 Shannon St. Clair
3 Rick Floyd

Open Class B Giant Slalom
1 Bert Lumpkin
2 Bobby Mandarino
3 Gabriel Steptoe

Registered Contestants (43) -- Downhillbillies 2009 Dixie Cup
Name Home City Division Classes Sponsors Bio Comment Date Submitted
1. BOBBY MANDARINO Daytona Beach, FL  Pro   TBA, HS, GS, DH  Radikal    Coming for the STOKE. You Gotta Love It.  9/1/2009 9:22:02 AM 
2. Brad"Jackhammer" Jackman Sumner  Pro   TBA, HS, GS  SK8KINGS,AXE ARMY,TURN Ind.,FlEXMETERS  AXE ARMY all the way!  Cant wait to race the Dixie Cup!Thanks Marion and the DownHillbillies!  9/1/2009 12:28:21 PM 
3. John Stryker Fairwood ,WA  A   TBA, HS, GS  Sk8kings, AXE ARMY, Flexmeteres Wrist Gaurds  Go AXE ARMY!  Thanks DHB  9/1/2009 1:12:11 PM 
4. Rick Floyd Green Mountains, VT  A   TBA, HS, GS, DH  Flexmeter Wrist Guards, Dead Dog Skate Shorts, US Currency  One o' them Union types headed down below the Mason-Dixon for to check out them big 'ol ramps and get me some moonshine and liver mush!  Long year, starting in Texas - best way to go out on a high note is a DHB event...thank you Juggy and friends!!  9/1/2009 1:31:49 PM 
5. Lenny Poage Huntington, WV  B   TBA, HS  Pawnshop, Marc's Board Shop, Found Clothing  Been there since the beginning, stoked for another one!  The flaming fairy wants to know who won the costume contest?  9/1/2009 3:14:24 PM 
6. Mark Kovachi Roswell GA  B   TBA, HS, GS, DH        9/1/2009 5:01:09 PM 
7. stephen lavin CHIxILL  B   TBA, HS, GS, DH  CHIxILL      9/1/2009 5:55:13 PM 
8. Jeremy Coffman Louisville, KY  B   TBA, HS, GS, DH  STD/Legendary  Have pity. I'm poor.  It's been a long hard year.   9/1/2009 6:56:41 PM 
9. Mike Ohm Alexandria, VA  A   TBA, HS, GS, DH  Sk8Kings, AXE Army, DC Outlaws      9/2/2009 4:10:54 AM 
10. Evan Tolley Huntington, WV  C   TBA  Marks Board Shop, Found Clothing, Plum  The sun of Tumbling Tolley himself, call me 'old school' Evan, everyone does.    9/2/2009 12:36:58 PM 
11. David Tolley Huntington, WV  C   TBA  Marcs Board Shop, Found clothing, and my wife  '1998' a.k.a. The Magnificent Return of the Great Tumbling Tolley    9/2/2009 12:41:07 PM 
12. HammerHead Karr Skatesville, North Carolina   A   TBA, HS, GS, DH  Lucky 13 Tattoos -Mooresville, NC, (Working on Pushing Sponsors as we speak)  Will be coming off of the slalom couch for this race. Not sure if I know how to go down hill anymore. Been pushing uphill a lot!   Stoked to the Max. Stoked to the Freakin Max!  9/2/2009 2:35:33 PM 
13. Brian Parsons Leesburg, Virginia  A   TBA, HS, GS        9/2/2009 6:01:46 PM 
14. Marty Schaub Dacula JoJa  A   TBA, HS, GS  Sk8Kings, SixSixOne Protective Gear, Hanlon Wineries  Axe Army returning to North Carolina!!!  Like Lenny said, I have been to every one. Thanks DHB, are the snakes included free of charge????  9/3/2009 2:59:31 AM 
15. Steve Pederson Minneapolis, MN  A   TBA, HS, GS  My mom is going to videotape me so I'll have a "Sponsor Me" tape.      9/3/2009 6:57:42 AM 
16. Earl Cephas Dale City, VA  B   TBA, HS, GS, DH  Hair Club, Advil      9/4/2009 7:09:58 AM 
17. kyle smith ashland, Ky  C   TBA, HS, GS, DH        9/4/2009 9:41:21 AM 
18. Bryan Blythe Raleigh, NC  A   TBA    humpin, pumpin, and gruntin  Hmm I need to build some boards  9/4/2009 3:59:55 PM 
19. Lou Statman TX  A   TBA, HS, GS, DH  Ha ha ha that's a good one.  I don't have any cash on me.  If you ever meet a guy named scott tobey hit him as hard as you can with your board then just ride away.  9/5/2009 11:44:40 PM 
20. Chad Hegerty Worthington, OH  A   TBA, HS, GS  Family      9/9/2009 6:45:52 PM 
21. Brad Kasha Calgary Alberta   A   TBA, HS, GS  QWIP Woodworks Ltd 
let's race it 

total tourist, 1st time out in the NE part of the U.S. Thanks DHB 's

9/12/2009 6:39:02 PM 
22. Bobby Thomas San Cinnati, Oh  A   HS, GS, DH  wAkE nAtiON  bust out the big ramps  I said, bust out the big ramps fellers  9/14/2009 7:01:51 PM 
23. Phil Rouse Just South of Statesville, Dixie  B   TBA, HS, GS, DH  Sponsors?! - Hell, I'm the one organizing the sponsors  Brain surgeon, Rocket Scientist, Jet Pilot, Rock Star - Ill behaving drunk Ninjer  I want to be stereotyped, I want to be classified  9/18/2009 10:42:24 AM 
24. Chris Booth Morrow, Ohio  B   TBA, HS, GS, DH    Ready to leave some urethane!   Soy Bomb   9/20/2009 2:30:47 PM 
25. Dr No Alexandria, VA  Pro   TBA, HS, GS, DH    Axe Army!!!    9/22/2009 12:49:34 AM 
26. Mr. Surly Hills-vegas-borough, NC  B   TBA, HS, GS, DH  DHB, OTCRA, NJDB, Quebecistania, Team STEM     PROUD TO BE DHB! Fullbag Dude!  9/22/2009 8:08:43 AM 
27. Erle Craven Winston-Salem, NC  A   DH  Original skateboards  the gnarest kid on wheels  chronicles of gnaria  9/22/2009 5:40:47 PM 
28. Chris Doan Richardson, TX  A   TBA, HS, GS, DH  fullbag, tx outlaws  let me tell you about propane and propane accessories...  TEXAS  9/27/2009 7:31:24 PM 
29. Lynn Kramer San Diego, CA  Pro   TBA, HS, GS  Sk8kings,Oust, Khiro, Timeship Racing  Needs no introduction  Last race before the snowboard season  9/27/2009 8:17:38 PM 
30. Eddy Martinez Harlingen,Texas  B   TBA  Pavel, GOG, texas Outlaws  Treat a man like dirt, give him no respect for who he is
Expect something dirty in return
Oh they're flying high up there, they've got a lot to learn,
Because you can't keep a good man down

Texas. The Fallen Shall Rise Again.   9/27/2009 9:31:41 PM 
31. david harris crown city, ohio  B   TBA, HS, GS        9/30/2009 12:59:01 PM 
32. Darren Hodges Statesville, NC  B   TBA, HS, GS, DH  Plum, DHB, Natl' Chiropractic Assoc.  Semi-New and Improved  Pavement or Podium, but lately it's been pavement and that shit s#*t is gettin old  9/30/2009 6:36:01 PM 
33. Karl Floitgraf Greensboro  Pro   HS, GS, DH  TexasLongboards.com, Ocean Frog, Venom bushings  I'm still here  GOTTA LOVE THE DIXIE CUP!!  10/6/2009 3:11:06 PM 
34. Bert Lumpkin China Grove  Pro   TBA, HS, GS, DH  XLR8, my paycheck    I'm whistling Dixie!  10/8/2009 4:22:31 AM 
35. Keith Hollien Gainesville, FL  Pro   TBA, HS, GS    Keith Hollien Signature Series, Radikal Trucks, AXE ARMY & OUST  Skateboarding Since 1964 & Slalom Skateboarding Since 1976  10/8/2009 1:56:21 PM 
36. Joe McLaren Longmont Colorado  Pro   TBA, HS, GS, DH  POCKET PISTOLS SKATES, RADIKAL TRUCKS, VENOM WHEELS AND BUSHINGS      10/18/2009 7:34:36 PM 
37. Louis Ricard Quebec, Canada  Pro   TBA, HS, GS, DH  FULLBAG skates and FREE FOR ALL boardshop      10/19/2009 2:29:54 PM 
38. Richy "Brown Bomber" Carrasco OC - So Cal  Pro   TBA, HS, GS, DH  SK8KINGS, Khiro, Oust, Retro, Seismic, S-One, Maria  Axe Army is the Ultimate!  Show me the bbq...Oi  10/28/2009 7:11:06 PM 
39. Kevin Delaney Watsonville, CA  Pro   TBA, HS, GS, DH  Pappas, Oyama, Family   2008 started
2009 got better 
  11/1/2009 10:58:04 PM 
40. Ivey Long Chapel Hill NC  B   HS, GS, DH      Womens class!!  11/2/2009 9:36:28 AM 
41. Johnny Slalom Pro yea right!   Pro   GS  all of them   Why do I do this? oh yea it's for the money!!!   East Coast rules bitches!! the south is going to do it again!

11/4/2009 1:20:25 PM 
42. Philip Aschliman Johnson City Tennessee  C   TBA, HS, GS, DH    Philip has never been to a slalom race before but saw it on TV once and thought it looked rad. Goal number 1: Don't fall off the ramp. #2 Don't hit Every cone. #3 Have fun, meet folks, and learn.    11/4/2009 5:46:53 PM 
43. king of the kooks sc  Pro   TBA, HS, GS, DH  my wife      11/5/2009 10:52:35 AM 

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